Three-Day Learning Experience 2018

Day 1

9.00 Ready, set, go! The Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2018 has started

Read the official press release about the Challenge here.

9.15 Kick-off of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2018

Jan van Betten, founder of Nudge, and chairwoman Anne-Maartje Oud welcome all participants to the challenge and wish them inspiration, good energy and growth in their development as a leader of the future.

Anne-Maartje encourages the participants to reflect on their own interest in sustainability, asking them: “What has been the first sparkle that got you involved in sustainability?”

9.30 Starting off with keynote speaker Robert-Jan van Ogtrop

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop, founder of Circle Economy, explains his personal path towards his passion for a circular economy.

“We are currently in an ecological, economical, social and ethical crisis. Luckily, there already is a solution; we have to start working together to make it happen.”


10.15 Diving deeper into the circular economy with Jad Oseyran

Our second keynote speaker is Jad Oseyran, Leader of the Global Center of Competence for Circular Economy at IBM. Jad explains how digital technology can enable new business models towards a circular economy.

“How can we create a new supply chain? In order to realize this, it is important to understand the linear world and talk their language.”

11.20 “I can’t explain the magic, but we’ll talk in 3 days!”

Nudge Global Impact Challenge alumna Dayna Adelman talks about how the millennial generation can use their particular skills to generate change.  

“Know that you will build something during the three days – not necessarily right this moment, but at the end you will realize it.”

12:30 Coaching sessions

All participants engage in coaching sessions with professional coaches and each other. The coaching sessions are all about personal development in leadership skills; focusing on the question: “What is your biggest hurdle that is keeping you from creating impact?”

15.00 Creative exercise

The participants get creative, drawing up their dreams for everyone to see.

“What is your personal desire for making the world more sustainable?”

15.30 Express what you stand for

The classic Challenge dance-off – showing off their creations and having fun while doing it!

17.00 Outdoor team building

Our participants get up close and personal during the outdoor team-building session, learning to trust each other and work together. This ice-breaking session is part of the journey that builds relationships in the group and helps to create a support system.

Day 2

9.30 Systemic change session

Professor Domenico Dentoni from Wageningen University discussed the concept of systemic change and explained that in order to solve complex problems, we need to look at the bigger picture. “We can transform societies and economies with small, collectively thought-out actions.”

The young professionals work together on a design thinking exercise to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

12.45 Tey El-Rjula from Tykn

Co-founder and CEO of Tykn, Tey El-Rjula, tells his personal story on blockchain and the importance of self-sovereign digital identity systems.

“Blockchain technology is not only about hype. It can also give hope.”

1.15 Friendly consulting session

Our young changemakers work on their Sustainability Impact Plans during a ‘friendly consulting’ session.

Professor of leadership Jonathan Gosling: “You can’t think systemically on your own; diversity is necessary. A system can be seen and understood in so many different ways, so we depend on trusting relationships with others.”

The Nudge Summit at the Peace Palace

Lars Sørensen opens the Summit at the Peace Palace!

Moderator Lars Sørensen welcomes everyone in the Peace Palace at the Nudge Summit, the highlight of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. Our talented participants, renowned changemakers, an assemblage of CEOs from all over the world and the Nudge Advisory Board take their seats and connect over a shared vegan dinner.

Erik de Baedts, General Director of the Carnegie Foundation

Erik de Baedts, explains the history and role of the beautiful location. The Peace Palace was started and partly funded by Andrew Carnegie to overcome conflicts in a courtroom as opposed to a battlefield. It is the center of Sustainable Development Goal nr. 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Sumathi Manjunath Nature, Sustainability & Systems Director at Danone Early Life Nutrition

“The new innovation vision for Danone is One Climate, One Health. We are a health-focused company, so without the planet there is no health. By 2050 we will be a carbon neutral company.”

For the Nudge Global Impact Challenge Danone wanted to motivate their young professionals to participate, and they did just that!

“We went to the grassroots, to the factories, and motivated young people to come here and take part. We had a competition among them, and the 6 young leaders who came here are the result of that. That’s the importance we give to this programme.”

Robert Metzke, Chief of Staff and Innovation & Strategy, Global Head Sustainability at Philips

“In sustainability, we are really passionate about access to care. We are on a journey to become a circular company, Frans van Houten pledged this. We want to be fully circular by 2025, nobody knows what this means entirely, but we’re inspiring people and bringing them together, and that’s why we’re here at Nudge.”

Blanca Juti, Chief corporate affairs officer at Heineken

Blanca explains how sustainability is integrated into the Heineken brand. This goes further than just marketing: “Reputation is not only what you say, it’s what you do. Sustainability really has to be in the product, so for me sustainability has to be in the beer.”

“Everybody can make a difference. Think of the Dalai Lama’s quote: ‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.’ Be that mosquito to someone else!”

Keynote by Martijn Lampert, Research Director at MotivAction International

Martijn Lampert dives into the research on Glocalities, aiming to activate millennials for the SDGs and explained that to fully achieve all of the SDGs, we must consider cultural differences and make them more accessible to all by simplifying language – it all starts with education.

Mary Chirwa, Director at the Financial Intelligence Centre, Zambia

Mary shares her personal story of fighting corruption in Zambia through the Financial Intelligence Centre.

“It’s dangerous to do this job, but I love it. If I get scared, I can’t help my community. It takes fearless leadership for you to be able to work in this environment.”

For her leadership skills and fearlessness, it was announced by Jan van Betten that in future, there will be a new Nudge award: the Mary Chirwa Award!

Finalists presentations

The 6 Nudge Global Impact Award finalists (Anacelle Bautista, Arturo Robles, Karen Lopez, Kevin Shahbazi and Marta Mazza) present the impact that they have made with their plans on stage.

We proudly present our Selected Awardees!

The three Selected Awardees who each received a Nudge Global Impact Award are Marta Mazza from Gruppo Mondadori, Karen Lopez from Heineken Mexico, and Anacelle Bautista, Wild Card candidate from the Philippines!

Jaap Smit, Commissioner of the King, hands out the beautiful sculptures and a cheque to Anacelle and Marta (Karen unfortunately could not be present at the Summit). Each Awardee received €2.000,– to be used on a cause of public benefit connected to their impact project.

Pictured below from left to right: Teresa Fogelberg (Jury Chair), Marta Mazza, Anacelle Bautista and Jaap Smit.

Day 3

9.15 ‘Pleasures of power: how to lead practical sustainability in your organisation’ by Jonathan Gosling

“Making choices is how we become ourselves.”

10.45 ‘Present!’ by Yori and ‘Meetings that move’ by Rick

13.30 Rahmin Bender – Global Shapers Amsterdam Hub

Rahmin explains the role of the Global Shapers, a movement by the World Economic Forum with the aim to create networks that work together to encourage positive change. Global Shapers work together in ‘hubs’ to address local, regional and global challenges.

14.00 Working on impact statements

The participants work on their impact statements which they will later present in front of their fellow participants, aiming to use their head, heart, hands and gut feelings.

15.00 Impact Circles

Choosing the 9 Nudge Impact Creator nominees!

16.15 Announcing the 9 Nudge Impact Creator nominees!

Jonas Geeraerts (HEINEKEN International), Tessa Duste (Wild Card), Angie de Soto (Wild Card), Giulia Zana (Ferrero), Prithi Sharma (HEINEKEN Malaysia), Hamed Beheshti (Wild Card), Catriona Pilgrim (Calor Gas), Leticia Hanser (Nutreco) and Carlo Delantar (Wild Card).

17.15 Drum roll please… We have our 3 Nudge Impact Creators!

Congratulations Giulia Zana (Ferrero), Prithi Sharma (HEINEKEN Malaysia) and Hamed Beheshti (Wild Card candidate)!

The Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2018 Aftermovie: