Participants 2019

Participants 2019

Nudge proudly presents the participants of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2019:

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Dominique Heuff
Business Consultant on Business Damage (The Netherlands)

Anouk Hulspas
Associate, Corporate & Institutional Banking (The Netherlands)

Bastiaan van de Lagemaat
Product Owner CIRCL Academy (The Netherlands)

Faith Cheah
Coverage Senior Associate, Corporate & Institutional Banking (Singapore)

Farah Abi Morshed

Farah Abi Morshed
Energy Transition Challenge Innovation (The Netherlands)

Gerben van Bokhorst
Product Owner (The Netherlands)

Ilse Karelse

Ilse Karelse
Sales & Relationship Manager (The Netherlands)

Jip Tauber
Product Owner, Retail banking (The Netherlands)

Kees Olivier 
Business Expert International Clients (The Netherlands)

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Kimberley van Hulst
Digital Marketeer (The Netherlands)

Mark Douma 
Sr. Procurement Consultant (The Netherlands)

Belinda Bender

Belinda Bender
Junior Sales Manager Southwest (Germany)

Thomas Rechenauer
New Product Development Manager (Germany)

Simone Kamies
Business Development Manager (The Netherlands)

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Tim East
Distribution Site Leader (United Kingdom)

Lisa Verbeek
Business Analyst (The Netherlands)

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Ina Luukkala
Project Manager (Finland)

Nathan Baak

Nathan Baak
Management Trainee (The Netherlands)

Isabelle van Rossum

Isabelle van Rossum
Stakeholder Manager (The Netherlands)

Erik van Berkel
Consultant Business Process Services (The Netherlands)

Jurr Spiering

Jurr Spiering
Manager Pilots & Rapid Prototyping (The Netherlands)

Tim Aanhane
E+ Product Developer (The Netherlands)

Adam Radziszewski
Financial and Commercial Controller (Poland)

Denise Wachholz 
Sustainability Hazelnut Specialist (The Netherlands)

Jeanne Chaumont
CSR Coordinator (France)

Ludovica Cerchi

Ludovica Cerchi
Global Jr. Brand Manager (Italy)

Marion Mueller
Category Manager (Germany)

Selene Nuñez
Product Technical Perfomance Manager (Italy)

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Marjolein van Gelder

Marjolein van Gelder
Programme Manager Sustainability (The Netherlands)

Jelmer Eibergen
Global Account Manager QSR (The Netherlands)

Pauline Tolossi
Market Manager (France)

Jeroen Langeslag
Young Professional (The Netherlands)

Tim de Waele
Young Professional (The Netherlands)

Didy Bos
Senior Online Marketeer (The Netherlands)

Susanna Ciucci
Junior Editor (Italy)

Vasco Antonio Bergamaschi
Digital Corporate Communication (Italy)

Aisling Cullen

Aisling Cullen
Brand Manager Innovation (Ireland)

Christina Huber
Service Logistics Manager (Austria)

Christine Antoun

Christine Antoun
Corporate Communications Assistant Manager (Egypt)

Daniel Salem
Commercial Insights and Innovation Manager (Hungary)

Merla Codrina
Internal Communication Specialist (Romania)

Oliwia Tran
Corporate Communication Jr Specialist (Poland)

Paulina Marenco Gross
Brewing Chief (Mexico)

Sam Forrest
Marketing Manager (New Zealand)

Teshager Admasu
Packaging Team Leader (Ethiopia)

Wan Ping Chua
Sustainability and Public Affairs (Singapore)

Zoe Hsu
Key Account Manager (Taiwan)

Adhra Ali

Adhra Ali
Policy Officer (The Netherlands)

Chantal Wals

Chantal Wals
Policy Officer (The Netherlands)

Hester van der Sprong

Hester van der Sprong
Policy Officer (The Netherlands)

Inge de Weerd
Policy Officer (The Netherlands)

Swana van Schaardenburg - International Coordinator (Netherlands)

Swana van Schaardenburg
International Coordinator (The Netherlands)

Hugo Vendrame
Sr. Marketing Manager DA Latam (Panama)

Lamya Ait Sadiq

Lamya Ait Sadiq
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer (USA)

Ning-Hsuan Yen
IT Traineeship Programme Manager (The Netherlands)

Koen Haenen
Senior Data Scientist (The Netherlands)

Thomas Pluimers
Accountmanager SME’s (The Netherlands)

Mieke Verduijn
Developer Food & Beverage (The Netherlands)

Roline Deken
Business Developer (The Netherlands)

Max Markrich
Consultant (The Netherlands)

Sofie Verhoeven
Consultant (The Netherlands)

Antonella Colucci

Antonella Colucci
HSE Engineer, Toyota (Italy)

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Nick Suurmond
Lawyer (The Netherlands)

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Sanne Boetzkes-van de Ven
Account Manager (The Netherlands)

Quido Kuiper
Sustainability Data Analyst (The Netherlands)

Wild Card participants 2019

Alka Khenchi
Knowledge Management Intern at the Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (The Netherlands)

Allen Townsend

Allen Townsend
PhD Fellow at University of Virginia (USA)

Angelica Misa

Angelica Bella Misa
President at WVN Enterprises, Inc. (Philippines)

Arihant Chindalia
Technical Consultant at the Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) (India)

Caroline Nordvall
Master Student in Management at the Stockholm University (Sweden)

Cleo de Brabander
Creative Entrepreneur at Cleomaxine (Brazil)

Darina Mohamad
Founder of Bringing Europeans All Together – B.E.A.T. (Luxembourg)

Emma Kloppert
Marketing and Communication Programme Manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (The Netherlands)

Heather McKay
Project Leader at the Climate Crisis Foundation (United Kingdom)

Ioana Ficut
Co-Founder of Butterfly (Switzerland)

Lara Minnaard
Self-Employed at Out Loud Debate (The Netherlands)

Lena Schneidewind
Intern at Deedmob (Switzerland)

Lisanne Huizing
Master Student in Sustainable Development at the University of Milan (The Netherlands)

Mansoor Akbar
National Project Coordinator at the United Nations International Labor Organization (Afghanistan)

Marcela Lessa
Programme Manager at Yunus&Youth (Brazil)

Martin Dugas

Martin Dugas
Master Student at Kedge Business School (France)

Nicola Meyer
Research Master Student in Plant Sciences and Entrepreneurship Track at the Wageningen University (The Netherlands)

Oliwer Dukiewicz
Master Student in Sustainable Business and Innovation at the Utrecht University (The Netherlands)

Peta-Gaye Rookwood
Legal Officer at the National Environment and Planning Agency (Jamaica)

Ramazan Nanayev
Founder / CEO at  Beacon Recolt (USA)

Richard Johanson
MBA Candidate at the University of Oxford, Said Business School (United Kingdom)

Serena Ibrahim
Founder / Executive Director at YAC (Youth Against Corruption) (Lebanon)

Shaun Palmer
Research Master Student in Global Health at the Vrije Universiteit (The Netherlands)

Siman Li
Founder of Urban Sustainability School (Germany)

Winnie Mabena
Founder / Executive at The Knowledge Effect and Living Positively Brand (Zambia)