Kristian Bolk: from first Challenge participant to guide on this 11th edition

Kristian Bolk: from first Challenge participant to guide on this 11th edition

“It’s great to build a network to go back to, and learn how others are navigating their way on the leading edge of a new sustainable and equitable world.”


One of the original members of the Challenge

Kristian is a Challenge participant ‘from the first hour’. He participated in the 1st edition in 2012. With his educational background in organisational psychology and business administration he has now had both HR and leadership roles in large banks (in the Netherlands) and the social impact startup scene during the past few years (in the US). Currently, he is HR Manager and Coach at Volksbank in Utrecht. 

To him, what is important about sustainability is what it entails, and why the principle is long to integrate: the technical solutions are there, but society lacks the awareness and ability to change and navigate uncertainty through leadership. There is a need to grow up and wake up (‘inside’) to keep up with the world (‘outside’)

Joining this year’s programme as a Guide

When Kristian was part of the 2012 Challenge, he particularly enjoyed how it highlighted the importance of his own leadership mindset, whilst being in a very fun and diverse environment with like-minded individuals. He was even lucky enough to visit Greenland as part of the Challenge experience, which deeply changed him in a positive way. 

As a psychologist by training and certified coach, Kristian has always been interested in personal growth and supporting others in their goals, which is why he was eager to join this year’s programme as a Guide. He also hopes that with this experience, he will be able to stay connected further on with the Nudge community, and find new inspiration for his own projects.