Participating Companies 2018

Participating Companies 2018

Participating companies or organisations come from all over the world and support the Challenge by allowing their best young talents to participate. As a Participating Company you will contribute to bringing together the best young professionals and give them the knowledge, tools and confidence to implement positive and innovative change. In this way young talents will work towards transforming Business, Society and Self.


ABN AMRO serves retail, private and corporate banking clients with a primary focus on the Netherlands and with selective operations internationally. ABN AMRO supports the transition to a circular economy, and proactively seeks out clients wishing to switch to a circular business model. They are working together with their clients to achieve three goals by 2020:

  • finance 1 billion euros in circular assets,
  • finance 100 circular loans,
  • cut CO2 emissions by 1 million tons.

ABN AMRO is also a leading partner of Ambitie2020 [website only in Dutch], an initiative of MVO Nederland, the Dutch association for corporate social responsibility, aimed at making the Netherlands a circular hotspot.

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BMW Group

Today, the BMW Group, with its 30 production and assembly facilities in 14 countries as well as a global sales network, is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles, and provider of premium financial and mobility services.

Ecological and social sustainability, comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conserving resources are an integral part of their strategy. With Efficient Dynamics, the BMW Group consistently implements the principle of sustainable mobility and is steadily reducing its vehicles’ fuel consumption and emissions.

As part of their commitment to economically sustainable business, the BMW Group supports a future-oriented, comprehensive circular economy. Wherever possible and socially acceptable – in technical, economical and ecological terms – they replace artificial materials with recycled and sustainable raw materials throughout their entire value chain.

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BNP Paribas

Fulfilling the Group’s ambition in terms of sustainable development, BNP Paribas in the Netherlands follows the Group’s key principles. A good example is the recent move of the Head Office in Amsterdam to its new premises in the environmentally friendly building ‘The Bank’. The Bank is one of the most sustainable monumental objects in Amsterdam with numerous applied sustainable materials and installations. The suppliers for the new office all work with ecological certificates and recycled materials.

BNP Paribas pays particular attention to the environmental impact resulting from its banking activities all over the world. The Group has drawn up and implemented detailed policies relating both to its day-to-day functioning and to sensitive fields of industry, and supports environmental initiatives through the BNP Paribas Foundation.

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Calor Gas

Since Calor Gas Ltd was formed in 1935, they have steadily grown to their current position as the UK’s leading supplier of LPG – and now part of SHV energy, a global family of LPG companies, which has a vision to be Better, Cleaner, Together.

Calor is committed to a sustainable future and they focus on innovation and sustainability to provide the best possible service for their customers, as well as tackling rural fuel poverty and developing ways to cut emissions and waste.

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The mission of Corporate Facility Partners (CFP) is to make as many buildings and organisations as possible profitably sustainable in terms of People, Planet and Profit. CFP provides a direct insight into sustainability through baseline measurements, benchmarking, Quick Scans and research. They implement savings in the areas of sustainability, CO2 and costs and ensure the optimisation of buildings and organisations.

CFP Green Buildings’ ambition for 2020: By 2020, there will be a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from buildings, 25% through green energy and 25% through energy savings. By 2030, all buildings will be circular.

CFP’s clients include the Van Gogh Museum, ING Bank, Philips, IBM and the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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Danone is a company dedicated wholly to achieving health through food. They want their mission to benefit people of every age, in every social and cultural environment and in every part of the world – as many people as possible. Danone is operating in more than 130 countries across five continents with four businesses: Fresh Dairy Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition.

Danone aims to build a circular economy for packaging, using sustainable materials made from sustainable sources and treating waste as a new, valuable resource. They are working towards making 100% of their packaging fully recyclable.

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De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar

De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar is one of the largest healthcare insurance companies in the Netherlands. They strive for the best quality of life for their clients, now and in the future. As a regional health insurance company, they have an important social function in the northern region of the Netherlands. They have embedded corporate social responsibility (CSR) – specifically concentrating on People, Planet and Prosperity – in their policy and encourage partners to further develop CSR. In their new strategic plan ‘Back to the Future’, which focuses on the period from 2016 to 2020, De Friesland specifically focuses on prevention and vitality in the area of ​​CSR. Not only does a healthy lifestyle promote the well-being of the population, it makes rising healthcare costs more manageable: people, planet and prosperity in one.

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Energy is vital to our society. That’s why the companies within Enexis Groep work on a reliable and sustainable energy supply for today and for the future. By employing their knowledge, expertise and energy in all possible ways, they are accelerating the energy transition.

A growing number of their customers are opting for increased energy sustainability by producing energy themselves with solar panels, windmills or biogas systems. Enexis stimulates them to make sustainable choices, to save energy and to feed in energy to the grid.

With the Buurkracht neighbourhood programme, Enexis is taking advantage of social cohesion in local areas for energy reductions – bringing people together to save energy together. In total, more than 240 neighbourhoods are now being supported through the programme. Every new area is given a neighbourhood support officer who helps the local team to discover the best energy savings opportunities for their local area. The local team are supported to set up local projects, jointly investing in double glazing, insulation and solar panels, for example.

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The ENGIE group is a global energy and services group, focused on three core activities: low-carbon power generation, mainly based on natural gas and renewable energy; global networks and customer solutions. Driven by their ambition to contribute to harmonious progress, they take up major global challenges such as the fight against global warming, access to energy for all, or mobility, and offer their residential customers, businesses and communities energy production solutions and services that reconcile individual and collective interests.

Their low-carbon, high-performing and sustainable offers are based on digital technologies. Beyond energy, they facilitate the development of new uses and promote new ways of living and working.

The Group is active in 70 countries and has more than 153,000 employees worldwide.

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Dutch energy supplier Essent works with gas, electricity and other energy products and supplies 2.5 million households and business customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. Essent is also part of innogy, a company that aims to help shape the energy transition.

Step by step, Essent works towards an energy supply that is completely sustainable, with a focus on energy efficiency, affordable energy transition, renewable energy and being a good employer. Working on these four focus areas helps Essent create a sustainable world. This is how they give substance to their societal responsibility.

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Ferrero began its story in the little town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy, in 1946. Today, with a consolidated turnover of over 8 billion Euros, Ferrero is amongst the market leaders of the confectionery sector and the fourth worldwide Group in the chocolate confectionery market.

Ferrero has 73 consolidated subsidiaries, including 20 production plants around the world, of which 3 are Ferrero Social Enterprises in Africa and Asia, and 6 agricultural companies. Its products are present in around 200 countries; they have become part of the collective memory and customs of many countries, where they are truly loved generation after generation and often considered as cultural icons.

Furthermore, Ferrero has social responsibility in its DNA. Product freshness and high quality, careful selection of the finest raw materials, sustainable agricultural practices and continuous research and innovation are some of the key elements of Ferrero’s success. Moreover, Ferrero continues to invest in local communities thanks to the Ferrero Foundation, the Ferrero Social Enterprises and the Kinder+Sport programme.

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Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association

The Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association (GHGA) was founded in 2013 and currently counts more than 5000 members, out of which 1300 are members of the working groups. The Association (GHGA) aims to unify growers and improve their overall skills, particularly in terms of cultivation, processing and know-how. The GHGA’s goals are to support hazelnut growers to increase production and quality of hazelnuts, implement modern technologies of primary treatment or processing and help them with marketing expansion. The members of the GHGA apply the method of Group Work which allows them to share their experience and coordinate joint actions to improve hazelnut production. Each farmer group has one group-leader and works under the supervision of an expert agronomist who visits them every month, provides them with technical advice and observes the changes in their orchards. GHGA members benefit from different services with lower prices, such as: soil investigations, machinery for orchard management, drying and storage of hazelnuts; GHGA also facilitates the access to micro-credits in order to purchase fertilisers and other inputs. The headquarters of GHGA is located in Tsalenjikha, Samegrelo Zemo-Svaneti Region and there is a branch in the region of Guria.



Greenchoice is the largest energy provider in the Netherlands that exclusively provides green, sustainable energy. Greenchoice dreams of a country in which everyone can manage their own energy supplies, and works together with its customers towards a cleaner world by helping them to save and generate energy themselves. The company does this by making smart products and services and sustainable solutions simple and locally available. It aims to be the accelerator and connector on the road to 100% green energy across the Netherlands.

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Gruppo Mondadori

Gruppo Mondadori is one of Europe’s top publishing companies with more than 100 years of history. They are committed to becoming more sustainable in the areas of printing and publishing and have the following specific aims:

  • to cut energy use by, among other things, improving energy efficiency and reviewing business travel management policies;
  • to promote the responsible use of natural resources by providing incentives for the use of environmentally-friendly materials, e.g. using certified paper for printing our products;
  • to improve the management of waste, whether originating from their sites or from product distribution activities;
  • to influence their suppliers by using environmental sustainability criteria in the selection and management process so as to guide the chosen suppliers to act according to this environmental policy;
  • to raise awareness of environmental issues among their customers, using their products themselves as a way of promoting sustainability.
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From a single brewery in Amsterdam 150 years ago, Heineken has grown into the world’s most international brewer. Heineken is a proud, independent global brewer committed to enthusing consumers everywhere.

Heineken aims to use their global business as a positive force for change. For example, one of their sustainability focus areas is reducing CO₂ emissions across the value chain (‘Drop the C’ programme), so their target is to grow their renewable energy usage to 70% by 2030.

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Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (previously the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment), a loyal Nudge Global Impact Challenge support partner, is committed to improving quality of life, access and mobility in a clean, safe and sustainable environment. The Ministry strives to create an efficient network of roads, railways, waterways and airways, effective water management to protect against flooding, and improved air and water quality.

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Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed. Their advanced nutritional solutions are at the origin of food for millions of consumers worldwide.

On a global scale, the sustainability challenges of food production are both significant and intensifying. Through their focus on sustainable innovation, Nutreco aspires to be part of the solution. Nuterra, their global sustainability programme, is designed to live up to their responsibilities and ambitions.

Nutreco employs over 12,000 people in 35 countries with net sales of € 5.6 billion in 2016. Its two global company brands Skretting (aquafeed) and Trouw Nutrition (animal nutrition) have sales in over 90 countries.

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P2 is a consultancy company in Rossum, the Netherlands, founded in 1993 with the idea of combining process and project management. Since then, the organisation has grown to 75 passionate professionals. They believe that to ensure great ideas actually work, you need to link strategy, realisation and development. And that’s what they love doing, every single day!

Their areas of expertise:
Food, Mobility, Energy, Urban Life, Land and Water

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Philips is committed to supporting sustainability in the areas of health care and technological innovation. Philips has set out a 5-year program to support the UN SDGs and multiply impact in their supply chain. Incorporating EcoDesign and principles of the circular economy in production patterns are at the heart of this commitment. Philips also continues to run projects that improve the lives of the most disadvantaged peoples and communities in the world through the Philips Foundation.
Their key sustainability objectives for 2020:

  • To have 70% of their turnover coming from solutions that meet EcoDesign principles and 15% Circular economy principles
  • Be carbon neutral in their operations, employing 100% renewable electricity
  • Recycle 90% of operational waste recycled and send zero waste to landfill
  • Collaborative approach with their suppliers to ensure structural sustainable improvements along the chain
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Rabobank is active in 40 countries worldwide and serves approximately 10 million customers. As a socially responsible bank, they are committed to contributing to welfare and prosperity and to solving the global food issue. Rabobank also has a longstanding commitment to operating as sustainably as possible – they have been operating 100% climate neutral since 2007.

Rabobank’s spearheads for sustainable development to 2020:

  • Supporting retail and business clients to achieve greater sustainability
  • Accelerating the sustainable development of agriculture and the food supply
  • Strengthening local communities
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Steward Redqueen

Steward Redqueen is a specialised consultancy that works across the globe advising organisations on impact and sustainability.

Like any organisation, corporations are looking to operate in harmony with their surroundings and to become sustainable; that is, to be a steward for people and planet. At the same time, corporations are competing for sound market positions. In a globalising economy, the combination of stewardship and competition offers dilemmas, challenges and -above all- opportunities.

The Steward Redqueen team has a strong track record in this area. Steward Redqueen works for corporations and other organisations in developed and emerging markets.

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The Terrace

The Terrace is a strategy boutique that believes in positive change and co-creates the best possible world together with its clients. They aim to make courageous companies fly and they love brave brands that market their products in line with their values.

The Terrace helps companies to find their purpose and creates sustainable strategies for their clients’ businesses. They love to work with people who are committed to changing the world, offering services in the four areas of strategy, communication, reporting and dialogue.

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Unica Group

Unica is the largest independent provider of technical services in the Netherlands with an international focus on the manufacturing industry and data centers. Unica offers its clients all-round, technological solutions in the field of safety, comfort & health, ICT and energy & sustainability.

Together with its clients and industry partners, Unica makes an active contribution to the sustainable transformation of the built environment. For example, Unica signed the Green Deal (circular economy), has joined the Transitiecoalitie (energy transition) and provides a range of measures aimed at guaranteeing an energy label C for offices (CO2 reduction).

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Van Doorne

Van Doorne’s mission is to empower people and organisations and to work on responsible, permanent solutions together, something that is reflected throughout their company. From the way in which they work together to the idealistic organisations that they support. Van Doorne aims to make a contribution to tomorrow’s world in various ways. In the field of improved CSR, they determine the agenda in the Netherlands by setting up the Social Entrepreneurship chair at Utrecht University and they help their clients to discover this subject but also to be front-runners. Van Doorne acts as consultant for many successful social enterprises and impact investors in the Netherlands. They also use their knowledge for the development of new legal and financial instruments to advance social projects and initiatives relevant to them by means of Impact Investments, Van Doorne’s special sponsor programme.

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Van Lanschot Kempen

Van Lanschot Kempen, a union of two specialised financial boutiques, is the oldest independent financial institution in the Netherlands. They have done a great deal of work in environmental management, have set a long-term carbon reduction target and offset a proportion of their emissions. Meanwhile, they also factor in sustainability when selecting their suppliers. Van Lanschot Kempen’s environmental management isn’t just geared towards improving processes and systems, but also seeks to change the awareness and behaviour of individual employees. In the past few years, much has been achieved on both points. To ensure that they continue to focus on what matters most, in 2017 they quantified a comprehensive carbon footprint in keeping with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Van Lanschot Kempen aims to cut their carbon emissions per FTE by an average 2% a year in the 2015-2025 period.

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