Participants 2018

Participants 2018

Nudge proudly presents the participants of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2018:

Daphne Oudshoorn - Strategic Partnership Expert, ABN AMRO (The Netherlands)

Mohamed Mejaiti - Associate Commercial Banking, ABN AMRO (The Netherlands)

Annemiek Vogels - Financial Restructurer, ABN AMRO (The Netherlands)

Sanne Nuismer - Associate, ABN AMRO (The Netherlands)

Casper Wolf - Project Manager, ABN AMRO (The Netherlands)

Philip Obst - Masters Student, BMW (Germany)

Paul Osswald - Masters Student, BMW (Germany)

Maxime Rousseau - Risk Manager, BNP Paribas (The Netherlands)

Catriona Pilgrim - Graduate, Calor Gas (United Kingdom)

Orin Tijsse Klasen - Consultant, CFP Green Buildings (The Netherlands)

Lisa van der Cruijsen - Quality System Officer, Danone Nutricia (The Netherlands)

Nora Gacon - Operations Projects and Performance Manager, Danone Early Life Nutrition (Germany)

Hutami Perwita - Spray Dryer Supervisor, Danone Early Life Nutrition (Indonesia)

Sabrina Cloney - Procurement Officer, Danone (Ireland)

Filimaua Akerise - Assistant Inventory Control, Danone (New Zealand)

Bartlomiej Kedziora - Purchase Specialist, Danone (Poland)

Rutger Bennink - Vitality Consultant, De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar (The Netherlands)

Silke Jongbloed - Customer Advisor, De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar (The Netherlands)

Lina Baranowski - Senior Specialist, Enexis (The Netherlands)

Oriane Gregoire - Digital Project Manager, Engie (Belgium)

Maurits van Riemsdijk - Consultant Corporate Sustainability, Engie (The Netherlands)

Celeste Scharrenberg - Service Designer, Essent (The Netherlands)

Bram Borgman - Advisor Public Affairs & Stakeholdermanagement, Essent (The Netherlands)

Melanie Polderdijk - Strategic Initiative Lead, Essent (The Netherlands)

Giulia Zana - Key Account Manager, Ferrero (Luxembourg)

Matteo Biscaro - Logistic Planning & Distribution, Ferrero (Luxembourg)

Inmaculada Martinez Garcia - Internal Communication Manager, Ferrero (Luxembourg)

Marco Masseti - Operations Controller, Ferrero (Luxembourg)

Andrea Capruzzi - Project Manager , Ferrero (Italy)

Elena Milone - Environmental Sustainability Central Referent, Ferrero (Italy)

Tamar Danelia - Regional Coordinator, Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association (Georgia)

Ryanne Swanenburg - Account manager b2b & Process expert, Greenchoice (The Netherlands)

Giulia Mussap - Operations & Media Specialist, Gruppo Mondadori (Italy)

Isabelle Haenen - Global Category Buyer Supply Chain (The Netherlands)

Lizzy van de Venn - Brand Manager Heineken (The Netherlands)

Jonas Geeraerts - Corporate Affairs Project Manager (The Netherlands)

Isabela Alves de Oliveira - TPM Analyst (Brazil)

Alejandro Gomez - TPM Logistics Regional Lead (Mexico)

Gabriel Ramírez - Category Marketing Manager (Costa Rica)

Mackenzie Ferguson - Data Steward (New Zealand)

Ngọc Trinh Trần Đoàn - Management Trainee (Vietnam)

Prithi Sharma - Manager, Corporate Responsibility (Malaysia)

Elsa Libien - Quality Systems Chief (Mexico)

Christiaan Bonga - Sales Manager (Papua New Guinea)

Marie-Louise Bilgin - Biotechnology Policy Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (The Netherlands)

Alana Thelissen - Policy Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (The Netherlands)

Gita Maas - Policy Advisor / Trainee, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (The Netherlands)

Nicole Linkels - Policy Officer, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (The Netherlands)

Leticia Hanser - Environmental and Safety Analyst, Nutreco (Brazil)

Karlijn Oomen - Project / Process Manager, P2 (The Netherlands)

James Akins - Sr. Manager Materials & Logistics, Philips (USA)

Natalie Rutkowski - International Project Engineer, Philips (USA)

Benjamin Zaczek - Software Engineer, Philips (USA)

Cindy van Veen - Financing specialist Food & Agri, Rabobank (The Netherlands)

Anne van Drunen Littel - Consultant, Steward Redqueen (The Netherlands)

Noortje Boogers - Consultant, Steward Redqueen (The Netherlands)

Nierika Hamaekers - Sustainability Consultant, The Terrace (The Netherlands)

Bas Peters - Management Trainee, Unica (The Netherlands)

Rosanne van Peppen - Candidate civil-law notary, Van Doorne (The Netherlands)

Iris de Greef - Advisor Corporate Social Responsibility, Van Lanschot Kempen (The Netherlands)

Wild Card participants 2018

Tessa Duste - Founder & General Manager, MOSS & Hrbs. (The Netherlands)

Carlo Delantar - Co-Founder, Altum (The Philippines)

Juliette Schraauwers - Sustainable Brand Developer & Founder, Brand It Forward (The Netherlands)

Lingyin Fan - Co-Founder, ReLabs (China)

Hamed Beheshti - CEO, Boreal Light GmbH (Germany)

Alexandr Iscenco - CEO, Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (Moldova)

Angela Chen - Research Fellow, Impact Capitalyst (Canada)

Eve Aronson - Project Navigator, Butterfly Works (The Netherlands)

Palash Ghawde - Industrial Designer, Bajaj Electricals (India)

Saskia Geurtzen - Innovation specialist, Oxfam Novib (The Netherlands)

Susana Tecante - Junior sustainability consultant, Ecomatters BV (The Netherlands)

Shafique Pineda - Policy Officer, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Australia)

Felicia Kodderitzsch - Business & Operations Manager, Octopus Labs (UK)

Annelies Lely - Project coordinator, Dijkoraad (The Netherlands)

Fatin Arifin - Manager, Product Development, Ghanim International Corporation (Brunei)

Angie De Soto - iPhD in Pedagogy and Circular Decision-Making, Virginia Tech (USA)

Josine Bakkes - Global Marketing Trainee, Red Bull (Austria)

Swarandeep Singh Kambo - Consultant at CEO's Office, UNLEASH (India)

Pedro Boot - Founder, Akredito (Brazil)