Support Partner CFP’s ambition for 2030: all buildings will be circular

Support Partner CFP’s ambition for 2030: all buildings will be circular

 Corporate Facility Partners (CFP) Green Buildings are experts in the field of sustainability. They partner with companies and individuals to make their buildings more sustainable by providing online, personal advice and various practical tools. Their aim is to create a sustainable environment in which people are healthier, happier, and safer. They see sustainability not only as the best way but indeed the only way to continue to live on earth with 10 billion people.


Their mission is to make as many buildings and organisations as possible profitably sustainable in terms of People, Planet and Profit. CFP provides direct insight into sustainability through baseline measurements, benchmarking, Quick Scans and research. They implement savings in the areas of sustainability, CO2 and costs and ensure the optimisation of buildings and organisations.

CFP Green Buildings’ ambitions for the coming years:

  • By 2020, there will be a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from buildings, 25% through green energy and 25% through energy savings.
  • By 2030, all buildings will be circular.  

CFP’s drive to accelerate the transition to circularity makes them a perfect match for the Nudge Global Impact Challenge and Nudge is thrilled to announce that they have joined the 2018 Challenge yet again as a Support Partner! They will bring two more eager young professionals to join us this October, who we are very much looking forward to working with.

“Our mission is to allow organisations to discover and improve their own sustainability performance and to communicate it to anyone who wants to hear.”

Bram Adema, Managing Director, CFP